Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday: Ha!

This certainly looks familiar!

The bottom tweet shown contains this link: Man Dies After Having Penis Set on Fire (CBS/AP).

Apropos of nothing: the Burgher would like you all to know that he's not coming back. So stop asking. Many real life bloggers and several anonymous bloggers are standing by to take your call. Or you can just do whatever you need to do on your own.

The latest version of Pittsblog is indeed up on the shelves, and boy are they cutting it up on the collective tip! Today, a special report on Charger Mania.

Ouch. (P-G, S-Benn)

2009 is off to an unsettling start. (Trib, Jill King Greenwood)

School board rant. Good one. UPDATE: This is worthy of mention:

I don't want to hear, ever again, about the data that the district sees that is hidden from what anyone anywhere else can see. (Rauterkus)

The New York Times, once it comes to know us truly, will write fascinating articles about a great many things. Be patient, be content. (Trib, Edit Board)

"A citation from the city's Bureau of Building Inspection is hardly the sort of matter that typically gets direct attention from the mayor's chief of staff." (P-G, Edit Board)

Uber-connected, punishingly talented civic prodigy Matt Hogue disagrees:

Lastly I want to talk about Yarone Zober. Some people have been saying today that they don't think it is normal for Zober to be answering E-mail's and taking care of "the little stuff". Those people are wrong. Zober is very hands on and will make sure he can help you the best way he can whether it is directly or getting you in touch with the person who can help you better. Believe it. (Pgh Hoagie)

And then there was this:

"If I'm contacted by a constituent or a business directly, whether it's on my office phone, or cell phone, or by e-mail, I try to make sure that any issues that are brought to our attention are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties," [Zober] said. (P-G, Lord and Sherman)

All right then. Face value.

Yarone Zober

Chief of Staff
Phone: 412-255-2636; Fax: 412-255-2687

Bear in mind that for many things it makes sense first to use the 311 Mayor's Response Line. But after a couple days -- or in an emergent situation -- this is very good to know! Little Miss "Nothing Gold Can Stay" once dubbed the man Dread Lord Zober. But the Comet thinks she may have been all wet. Think of Mr. Zober as your own personal butler.

More on the story. Councilman Kraus provides some needed perspective:

"They're two of the kindest and most socially aware people I know," said Councilman Bruce Kraus, who is the city's first openly gay politician and the recipient of $6,000 in campaign contributions from Mr. Karlovich. "They have this generous spirit. They believe they have this moral obligation, I think, that they have been blessed and they feel an obligation to spread the wealth." (P-G, Jerome L. Sherman)

The Big Queer Rally is on Saturday and here is the press release.

Here is the poster:

Here is the Gab, in a post that might easily elsewhere be NSFW:

The Big Queer Rally is still happening this Saturday at 2PM. I would post the poster, but, umm, it’s not working. Plus, in my opinion, the focus of the poster is all wrong. They are making it about DOMA and Obama and it’s really about the Countywide Ordinance, yo!!! Anyway, if you care about EQUALITY then please attend this rally on Saturday. It’s very important. Schenley Plaza at 2PM. Bring mittens and 5 friends. (Gab Bonesso)

UPDATE: The proposed Allegheny County nondiscrimination ordinance is HERE (h/t What comes after 8, Pgh?).

And now ... on the subject of Rentboys. Scattered anonymous comments and at least one YouTube video that has recently been posted have made passing reference to something called Rentboys. bills itself as The World's Largest Male Escort and Massage Site. Its covering page includes a disclaimer and a warning. Don't click through, obviously, if you don't care to go beyond that.

Meanwhile, the classics never go out of style. (Carbolic Smoke Ball)

Thank you for joining us. See you next time.


  1. I agree that we should focus on our County ordinance & demand equal rights for everyone at every opportunity locally.

    Empowerment happens when people have success at efforts, whether they be big efforts or smaller. By generating a number of local successes we'll keep people fired up, (and, um, ready to go).

    Harvey Milk got lots of attention for his dog poop legislation in San Francisco, his local successes gave him a national platform.

  2. I wrote about the Allegheny County Human Relations Commission ordinance here.

    The link to the actual legislative history and text is here.

    Glad you mentioned the rally. Hope you all come!

    Christopher Hixson

  3. The link I gave for the AC HRC ordinance is a bit old, and has some misleading information (because it is out of date).

    A better view of the current circumstance is here.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  4. Thanks, Christopher. Don't forget to be thanking the sponsors that are still on board! You catch more flies with honey in these circles sometimes.