Thursday, August 9, 2007

CometWeather: The Calm Before the Storm

WTAE is now reporting that another wave of brutal storm activity (a 3rd wave) is headed our way.

Windows at the Carnegie Science Center were broken due to flying debris. Paneling on the side of the building was stripped, too.

According to officials, the Science Center will be closed on Friday for cleanup and repairs.

It was a bit of a horror show (or awesome) for 1,000+ children, other visitors, and staff in the Center at the time. Imagine if the casino scaffolding was just going up.

Millvale and Etna residents and public officials are frustrated at the lack of new flood prevention measures since Hurricane Ivan. Apparently, federal money would be on the way to help, but President Bush is threatening to veto the measure (they do not say why).

At least a half-dozen homes have caught fire from lightening strikes. 90,000 customers are without power.

Mike Tomlin loaded his Steelers onto a bus beforehand, and sent them to their indoor facility on the South Side. After a three hour bus-ride, the power inside went out, and strong rains soaked a portion of the practice field anyway.

Max Stark exhibited a wry sense of humor about usefulness of the day's practice, although Hines Ward was the perfect soldier.

WTAE meteoroligists are reporting this is a "bowing" storm, having to do with the sharp bow shape of the leading edge. And that's bad.

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