Thursday, November 6, 2008


Zeitgeisty Links

Pah! This is by many leaps and bounds the most satisfying and generously-offered election post-mortem we've seen written thus far: (NRO, John Derbyshire).

This is one local news article we will be writing about once it's time for you to pay attention again: (P-G, Mark Belko)

Obama: Take that, Hillary! (Politico, Allen & Vendehai)

The contest for the Alaskan Senate seat evinced a polling failure of shocking anomaly. Was this due to Democratic voter stupidity, a comeback yet to be revealed, or SHENANIGANS? Or the Comet's theory: terrain of which the challenges exceeded the skills (and attentions?) of the vaunted Obaman ground game? (FiveThirtyEight)

Concerned skeptics and right-wing theorists: This video will alarm you. (WPXI, h/t 2PJs Maria)

We are already looking forward to this. And does anyone else think Seth Meyers is starting to sound like Lorne Michaels? (Politico, Anne Schroeder Mullins)

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