Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Politics of Götterdämmerung

Keeping this in mind, this indicates a redshift:

Council President Darlene Harris and member Patrick Dowd already have raised the specter of abolishing the authority, a warning that the parking authority should start cooperating with council. And soon. (P-G Edit Board)

Circumspection is so 2010. Scientists and futurists will note the term "pension fund" only appeared in this editorial in relation to "state takeover," but that may be like trying to apply quantum theory to toast a bagel when the power goes out.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

PA Gas Drilling Recommendations Voted On Tomorrow

Pins and needles, right?

Here's a lovely bit of hand-wringing over process by Laura Olson at P-G E.R., on what the Marcellus Shale Adviiiiiisory Commission is going to do tomorrow.

It sounds like this commission will do a good job helping the Governor figure out exactly what he wants to do. Of course it seems like he already has a pretty good idea what he wants to do in general -- and has every reason to believe he will have the votes (actual, legislative) to get it passed. So on the margins, check to see if the penalties to be levied for actual apprehended drilling violations come out high, low, or hilariously low.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tom Corbett says, Educate This

Here we go.

"The school districts have their responsibilities to their voters as to how they're going to budget," [Corbett] said. "I regret seeing anybody get laid off, but the budgets right now are very, very tight." (Morning Call, John L. Micek)

So education is no longer a very high priority to Pennsylvania in general. And forget reasonably equal opportunity to education.

(Or -- #shiver# -- vouchers are MAGIC!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Enter One Pittsburgh.


Right now, they are taking aim at UPMC, and have been blogging since Friday (c/o a blogger named Brad. Do not get us confused.)

Parking for Profit: Whistlin' Past, over Trifles

Okay, I don't have any kind of grip on startup costs -- I only know about legacy costs.

Three Pittsburgh City Council members rejected the Parking Authority director's suggestion Monday to double some hourly meter rates to help pay for meters that accept credit cards, five weeks after higher rates and expanded enforcement hours took effect in some neighborhoods. (Trib, Bill Vidonic)

I was under the impression that we owe crazy tons of money to retired city workers and municipal bondholders, and have no nothin' revenue to pay for it. And driving is so nineteen hundred and late. Let's raise the meter rates, let's raise the garage rates, let's raise a few more garage roofs and dig some garage holes. Let's think about services contracts and a congestion tax.

And while we're at it, let's think about our investment strategy.

Let's do just about everything besides raise wage, property and small business taxes, or really let go of the quality of city services, or go bankrupt, or eliminate just about all neighborhood projects, or roll the dice that Harrisburg will fix everything before most of that happens (they're only geniuses at helping us prolong our suffering.)

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