Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dennis Roddy hooks up with Tom Corbett

Professionally, that is...

Dennis Roddy, a fixture of Pittsburgh journalism for nearly four decades, is leaving the [Post-Gazette] and taking a job in the fledgling Corbett Administration.

"It was time for me, at age 57, to find out if I possess any transferable skills," says Roddy. (CP Slag Heap)

This is the point at which I would post video of one of Roddy's hilarious musical productions for the Post-Gazette, if these weren't A) hiding behind a pay wall and B) never made embeddable by the P-G anyway, because heavens forbid that new audiences learn about their most innovative, experimental content lest it become "viral" (viral is a disease, right?). Actually, some time ago PG+ announced that its content would be made freely available to the tune of 10 pageviews per month per IP address, but even at that, it looks like much of Roddy's archival content has dissolved.

But enough banging on that drum. I'm sure more than a few of the type of folks who liken Corbett and most Republicans to Nazis will be quick to identify Roddy as his new Goebbels, but I find it pretty darned inspiring that a mature dog can and will learn new tricks -- and maybe much more fun tricks at that. A hearty salute!

Do you suppose the P-G will put together any type of send-off / retrospective? If he has any fully fleshed-out thoughts regarding the state of journalism to contribute to the Next Page for example, that would be worth a read.