Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Water Polo, or Resistance is What Now?

There's a lot going on down below with our pipes, but I just had a quick and honest question over one facet:

[PWSA] Board Chairman Dan Deasy, who serves as a Democratic state representative from Westwood, said he plans to meet with board members next week to hear their preferences. Deasy, though, said he is leaning toward hiring a management firm as a short-term solution.

"Our No. 1 focus this year will be the executive-director search or a management firm, whatever that might be," he said. (Trib, Team Effort; Jan 14th)

Are there any management firms which run municipal water authorities aside from Resource Development Management, or RDM? It does not seem like a commonplace enterprise.

Those are the folks who conducted the blistering audit at PWSA's behest (well, the audit was at its behest, maybe not the blistering) and has also been noted as part of the present "in-network" of governmental contractors in the region. If PWSA elects to go the route of a management firm, obviously there will be an extensive process, but I'm just wondering if there is actually much competition in that obscure-seeming business sector.