Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday: Tying up loose ends before August recess

Earth to Dave

The Housing Authority's seemingly exorbitant expenses on outside law firms and consultants came under fire in the press the last couple of days, along with problems it is experiencing in maintaining present residences.

Nonetheless, City Council has today fully and finally passed the proposed Larimer redevelopment plan 7-1, by consent and routinely bundled with other planning & zoning legislation, without further discussion or argument, and without pomp or circumstance. Only Councilor Rudiak voted no.

Comet speculation: And it is true speculation, no special knowledge or hints. HUD officials and investigators may (repeat) MAY have gotten in touch with some Councilors to reassure them, "Look. This is what we have been looking into at your Housing Authority. It's extensive. It's deep. It may bear some relationships to what you all are calling InvestigatePGH. And it has nothing directly to do with this Larimer development, which is actually just what we want local Housing authorities to do." *-UPDATE: A source alerts us to their perspective that this is way off-base; that HUD has always kept itself "at arms length."

In other loose ends:

Committee bylaws barring late appointments before party votes only apply to endorsements, the judge ruled, not to nomination votes in special elections. (P-G, Tim McNulty)

I done told yinz.

Deb Gross (and here's a nice bio from 2001) looks prohibitively certain to be the Democrat in the coming special election. FUN TRIVIA: The regular election for that seat is a mere 21 months away.

Finally, our November general election for Mayor will be an affair between Democrat Bill Peduto, Republican Josh Wander and Independent Les Ludwig. Enjoy recess!