Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Women of Pittsburgh PLAY ULTIMATE

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that resembles football and soccer, but is totally non-contact. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself, if you like getting in awesome shape, meeting cool people, and frolicking in the sun.

A Skills Clinic for women will be held this Saturday the 21st, and a beginner-friendly Women's League will commence the following week. Check out the thread on our bulletin-board hyeah, and let Jenny know you'll be attending.

Next comes the truly massive, legendary, co-ed Pittsburgh Summer Ultimate League!

Ultimate has been exploding in our region. The Pittsburgh Highschool Ultimate League features 36 teams from 22 different area schools, and administers its own scholarship for the best student-athletes who choose to attend college in the 'Burgh.

Meanwhile, the club level, Mens, Womens, and Masters teams have been breaking through UPA Sectionals and Regionals to make some noise at the National Championship tournament.

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  1. I love Ultimate. I had a college friend who was an amazing player. We often try to play the game with our swim teams.

    I did have a bit of a struggle with the ultimate players locally a few years ago, however. I'm not sure that they have forgiven me. Recently one of the guys made a mention of it at a community meeting, so he hasn't forgotten.

    Back in the day, Tom Murphy kissed up to them. He promised them new fields in Highland Park. They never came. I blasted Murphy for the lie -- early on. And, I was shocked that the leaders in the ultimate group fell for his ploy.

    Check out this speech I gave with a "flying disk" in one hand and a CD-ROM in the other.

  2. Yep, that was me. :)

    As I said at the time: the fields were multi-purpose, and would have been used for youth soccer just as much -- likely far more -- than for ultimate. But the term "frisbee fields" provided a convenient way to spin the story, for those so inclined.

    Also, as I said when we talked in person, I question your use of the word "lie." The word is tossed around awfully liberally these days. Murphy may have been guilty of spending when he shouldn't -- just like all those before him. But that doesn't mean he didn't intend to follow through on the fields project, just as he followed through on both good and bad expenditures in the weeks, months and years prior. It just so happens that the 40-year-old tax structure deficiencies (sorry, can't just blame Murphy) that led to the city's financial troubles came to a head just after the fields project was announced.

  3. Mark -- just watched your video -- I'm shocked and disgusted!!

    The robotics community for one in Pittsburgh is obsessed with ultimate, and many would not contemplate remaining here for any length of time without it. Ditto geeks of many stripes, who travel many miles to visit cities with ample fields.

    I would have thought you, with your wellness streak, would have made the connections between open spaces for competitive recreation, and vibrancy of a municipality.

    And as to Tom Murphy -- well, at the time we were honored anybody was speaking to us. And we believe he shared our mission, and put himself on the line for it. It is a little shocking, in retrospect, he couldn't see the promise getting broken down the line ... but few had that foresight. Bully for you if you did.