Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday Yada

Art Rooney II criticizes the city's planning process, and says the Steelers "would rather avoid going to court to solve these issues." Which is exactly how a gentleman threatens to sue your ass. (P-G, Belko)

Nevertheless, the Trib ed board awards a laurel to the Pittsburgh Planning Commission for approving the casino master plan. In a generous mood, they also laurelize Mayor Ravenstahl for nixing the amusement tax.

Acting Controller Tony Pokora loses his lawsuit against the state oversight board, failing to increase his office's budget. Controller-Elect Michael Lamb says not only that he's fine with the lower budget, but that the lawsuit should never have been waged. (P-G, Lord)

The electioneering Redd-Up crew workers got cut a little slack on their suspensions, pending the outcome of their grievance arbitration (P-G, also Lord). Many lawyers are quoted anonymously as to how highly unusual / not at all unusual this is. Damn these anonymous lawyers; a plague on the civic discourse, they is!

The Admiral riffs extensively on this last item, including an addendum contrasting the policy applying to the DPW workers with the one applied to Police Cmdr. McNeilly.


  1. Art Rooney part II needs to get off his high horse.

  2. tell that to your boss...Luke...