Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Aggression Will Not Stand

P-G columnist Barbara Cloud sounds off on Canada geese, and the considerable inconveniences they cause. She writes:

I'm not sure there is an answer, beyond destroying unhatched eggs, which is now being done.


Since the age of big pointy sticks, humankind has always found ways to dominate the animal kingdom. The Pittsburgh Steelers are now using recorded goose "alarms" to manage their affairs on the North Shore (WTAE).

Well-regulated hunting remains an option. We are omnivores; waterfowl ought to be a bit wary of us.

However, violating the sanctity of the nest -- overpowering a protective mother and destroying her unborn offspring -- is surely the cruelest and most invasive thing we could possibly do. It can not be good for the geese, or for their attitudes toward men.

The reason we suddenly have all these geese is because our city and our rivers are finally clean. Life has begun to return. Let's not jinx it.

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  1. Out in the RIDC park where I work, one of our corporate neighbors has fake dead Canada geese scattered about their grounds in an attempt to scare off the still living geese. In that they recently complained about people cutting through their grass, I keep checking for fake dead people. None yet.