Friday, August 3, 2007

Of Wild Geese and School Students, Part II

Hola, amigos. We know it's been a long time since we rapped at ya', so here are some audio links to KDKA's Marty Griffin, with copious commentary.

1. Duquesne School District: The Comet did not have the slightest inkling that this was about race. Zero. Nada. The only time we travel to Duquesne is when we go to Kennywood, where there are always plenty of white people.

Jasiri X makes it abundantly clear during a long interview that this was a race issue. We had thought it was about class -- we were initially more worried about the crumbling of Duquesne's civic infrastructure, and how much worse the community would fare without a school district, than about specific injustices to a population.

Also -- does anybody know exactly which long-time local black leaders Jasiri X is calling out towards the end of the interview?

2. Goose Auschwitz: You will not find a more cogent case against the actions (and inactions) of the County than during this segment.

Stephanie Boyles from GeesePeace basically pwns Andy Beckley from the Parks Department. She says that county workers were never trained to find eggs, failed to follow-up the egg-addling procedures with an egg-moving procedure, and generally phoned-in the whole effort.

We are also curious -- does anybody in the Comet viewing audience happen to work at a food bank? Could she maybe ask around, on the down-low, whether or not homeless persons have any use at all for 30-day old gassed goose-flesh?

The thrust of Dan Onorato's response on WTAE seems to be:

If you're looking for who made the decision, I'm the chief executive of the county ... If anybody has a problem with anything the county does -- regardless of who actually pulled the trigger and who actually said, 'Let's go ahead' -- the buck stops on my desk.

This is a very healthy message to send to other local executive officials, but nonetheless our editorial comment must be as follows:

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