Thursday, August 9, 2007

Not a Joke

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said a marketing campaign showing a cartoon of him chipping a golf ball onto a putting green is a hole-in-one.


The promotion promises people who stop by VisitPittsburgh's booth a chance to compete in a putting contest with Ravenstahl during the American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting & Exposition, set for Saturday to Tuesday in Chicago.


"People really do like to meet these semi-celebrities," Davis said. "(Ravenstahl) will help draw people into the booth, and give them something fun to do."

So reports the Trib's Jeremy Boren. You've almost got to admire the kid's nerve.

1 comment:

  1. More cojones than nerves I would say, Bram. Mayor Opie obviously is confident that he will be elected Mayor and can do whatever he wants.

    However, this line caught my eye: ""We knew it would be controversial, and we asked his people and they said, 'Yeah, sure,'" [Craig Davis, VisitPittsburgh's vice president of sales and marketing,] said.

    Could it be that his crackerjack staff approved it without consulting first? Say what you want about Dick Skrinjar, but I could never picture him letting O'Connor or Opie fall into that trap.