Sunday, November 18, 2007

Spontaneous Blogger Olympics

GOLD: The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat, for Allegheny Conference on Community Development Review 2007

China apparently has agreed to a cargo shipping route with Pittsburgh, making us a major import hub for the East, and also relieving the region of its feral cat problem.

SILVER: The Burgh Blog, for Dear sirs, PittGirl mined the archives

Hey, was Joe Pa coaching Penn State in 1919?
And a “smoker and jollification” sounds like a rocking good time.

BRONZE: Agent Ska, for Who is Dan Deasy?

It seems like he's been a pretty quiet character on the political scene.

Honorable Mentions:

The Busman gets his answer from the Ethics Hearing Board.

Null Space offers up the driest humor on the planet.

Rauterkus succinctly makes the popular case against Superintendent Roosevelt's version of high school reform -- and does so while bitterly launching a new and yet to be substantiated accusation.

F-Dzerzh gives yet another take on the Allegheny Conference -- this one through the prism of its "CEO."

1 comment:

  1. I scored points for being bitter! Yes.

    I counter attack the $200k paid professional (and the cadre of administrators that we pay who work for us and our kids) for their yet to be substantiated accusation.

    My unsubstantiated accusation foil theirs.

    More points!

    And, I rest my case, game over, see you at the end of 'pool play' -- repeate after me, "Pittsburgh Promise." Nuff said.

    Bram, are you bucking for the role as the 'French Judge?' By the way, Frick Middle School needs a new French Teacher! (insider fact)

    And to my loyal Greek opponents in these web games of life -- let's ask, "Where should the Spartans finish?"

    With an asbestos medal?