Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday: Pretty Disjointed Post

When it has to be said, PittGirl often does:

Okay. First of all, she does not apologize anywhere in the letter. Second of all, I understand that a tenet of Christianity is that everyone does wrong and I get the whole, hate the sin love the sinner thing. But man is it chafing my ass in a major way that Twanda is asking us to support her in this “challenging time in [her] life” as if she is fighting cancer or suffering the loss of a loved one, rather than being rightly punished for willfully and knowingly stealing from the taxpayers she was elected to serve.

No contest.


When Dan Onorato and Luke Ravenstahl announced that "all of the outstanding issues" regarding the casino had been settled, Pittsburgh UNITED took some umbrage.

When a City Planning Hearing was scheduled yesterday, they advertised an "emergency mobilization" and brought something like twenty-five north side residents.

When the hearing was postponed for two weeks (PG, Belko) nothing untoward happened.

Pittsburgh UNITED issued a statement saying they "welcome PITG Gaming to the neighborhood," and look forward to producing "a win-win situation."

Planning Commission chair Wrenna Watson stood somewhat nervously to announce that casino business was already postponed, and Hill District business on the agenda was not directly tied to approving new arena construction. A friendly voice from the audience called out, "We're just here to familiarize ourselves with the process."

The meeting proceeded smooth as silk.


Bill Peduto
crams a lot into his recent blog post.

He bemoans the defeat of his computerized street-paving legislation, but does not directly respond to Jimmy Motznik's assertion that the mayor is accomplishing what needs to be done already.

He insists that we need Act 47 and state oversight now more than ever -- and that we need "long-term structural changes" to begin immediately. He does not yet define any of those heavy changes.

He previews three key bills pending in Council, including Tax Increment Financing for the Bakery Square development -- which he seems to oppose on grounds that no agreements have been reached with surrounding communities.

He reaffirms his support of the Shields Bill on a police domestic violence policy, and does not mention any of the "compromise legislation" foretold by James Malloy on election night.

Finally, Peduto likens Mark DeSantis to the dude who blocked Chinese tanks at Tiananmen Square.

He seems fired up, anyway.


  1. peduto was supposed to be the guy blocking the tanks,not desantis

  2. so was DeSantis the guy yelling in the background? he the video his comment on the election...

  3. Is the picture really the Pitt Girl? If not, where did you find that crazy picture?