Thursday, December 6, 2007

Forecast for 2008

Mr. Romoff, Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Ravenstahl all took pains to say big ideas, calculated risk and optimism are keys to progress, with Mr. Romoff lamenting Pittsburghers' tendency to hold on to the past while "kicking and screaming."

"It is about time we all embraced the future," Mr. Romoff said. (P-G, Joe Smydo)

How easy it is to mock people for resisting change when you define the options for them.

On an unrelated note, Tonya Payne is now the odds-on favorite to assume the role of City Council President. It would not be inaccurate to describe her as a strong ally of the mayor, nor would it be inappropriate to examine her history with the Penguins as a window into her governing style.

It is about time we all embraced the future.


  1. "How easy it is to mock people for resisting change when you define the options for them."

    Well said. Can I use that (with proper attribution of course) in my next testimony before the School board?

  2. "As a famous blogger once said..."
    Forget the attribution.

  3. Tonna scary is that?

  4. I just got home from my Saturday morning donut run and I listened to KQV news on my trip. Jim Malloy the FOP president was interviewed in a report about the city police being underpaid compared to their suburban counterparts. He gave $$$ figures. It reminded me that we do not have a resolution to the PFT/PPS contract negotiations. Does anyone think they should meet more than they have so far? When I had a problem with my little brother as a kid, we were put in a room and could not come out until we were pals again. It is Saturday. I tend to not think as hard on weekends.

  5. There are a ton more city officers compared to the local municipalities.

  6. Interesting, Matt. Relevance? Or just general information?