Saturday, December 15, 2007

Onorato's Reaction

Dan Onorato, on the front page of today's Post-Gazette, responding to a question (presumably) unrelated to the raw footage taken from the Hill.

Valerie McDonald Roberts looks on. (P-G, Pam Panchak)


  1. my uderstanding is that the combined salaries of the three new bureaucrats is 15,000 more than the three elected officials they replaced. And BTW what took so long to find them.In the real world the team would have been in place a minimum of six months prior to the transition.

  2. Valerie McDonald Roberts has been serving as the Recorder of Deeds since...2004 or 5 (I cant remember when she was elected.) I assume she has been preparing for the transition for some time. I don't know about the others, but in her case it isn't a total change so the transition shouldn't be as intense.

  3. very true...just another example of Danny O looking down the road politically rather than at what's on his desk