Thursday, January 24, 2008

Assorted Notes from the CoS

Every time we take the Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette down off the top shelf, its editrix gets all productive.

In Leaving Town Just In Time, Dan Onorato is accused of running a tidy and efficient shell game on his taxpaying constituents.
Too bad Dan’s desire to hold the line on property taxes isn’t rooted in a concern for the betterment and success of the county he governs. Too bad Onorato apparently views Allegheny County as a handy vehicle he can ride to Harrisburg and nothing more.

In Jane Orie: Another Straw (Wo)Man to Knock Down, cases are made for policies the Comet does not necessarily favor -- but some rank scapegoating by that same present Democratic party establishment is exposed.

Whether it is her intention or not, Jane Orie is already acting in Pittsburgh’s best interest by smacking down Ravenstahl/Shields/Motznik every time they try to wiggle out of the “spending constraints” of Act 47. Go Jane! as she also guards the county by calling Onorato on the carpet for his outlandish Port Authority ponzi game.

Finally, in Couldn't We Just Trade Places For A While, the inaugural sentiments expressed by Philadelphia's Mayor Nutter are contrasted with those of mayors closer to home.

- Crime rate can be reduced by providing jobs for ex-offenders. Government can help businesses create those much needed jobs by making it easier for companies to function. Philly’s zoning code needs to be reformed, taxes must be reduced and the tax code must be simplified.

- Philly must control their costs, stabilize their pension fund and come to grips with health care cost increases. Wages for public employees must be fair and reasonable, but also fair and reasonable to the taxpayer who picks up the tab.

- Government must lead by example. And that means ethics and transparency.


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