Friday, January 11, 2008

Let's not forget where this began...

Once again, a great big hat tip to documentary filmmaker Chris Ivey.


  1. Bram,

    This issue did not begin here. It began here:
    Press Release for Jan. 28, 2007

  2. Well then it truly began when the Internet was invented. Or the day your dad met your mom.

    JK. Go read the press release, people. It's probably good.

  3. Ha, yes that is interesting. Very similar to what everybody is finally talking about now.

    "As residents and citizens of the City of Pittsburgh, we expect our elected officials, especially our Mayor and County Executive, to represent Hill District taxpayers, voters and stakeholders in the protection and proper representation in any decision-making process that reflects our past while shaping our present and future."

    What were you talking about 'check out the names who signed it'. Were you referring to Marimba Milliones? She's running for City Council, right? It would seem to be the OBVIOUS thing to do, if the Hill is unhappy with how they've been represented through this process.

    Or were you talking about Jake Wheatley? The Adm. was making some points about how this would all look a lot better if an elected representative was on board. Is he still on the bus?