Friday, February 15, 2008

Craigslist: The New Arena Battleground

A busy Friday in the Rants & Raves section of the popular local e-classified.

I encourage everyone that opposes the One Hill demands to call or email your elected officials and ask them to say HELL NO! to One Hill.

Dan Onorato Phone# 412-350-6500 Email-

Luke Ravenstahl Phone#412-255-2626 Email-

Let them know that, unlike most of the hill residents, YOU WORK, YOU PAY TAXES, AND YOU VOTE!

Unlike most Hill residents?

Leaving aside the working and the paying taxes for the moment, a great many Hill residents voted in November -- and a great many more will likely vote again this April, and the next.

The residents of the Hill District deserve no special treatment or consideration, let alone a handout. If they really want to improve their neighborhood, I suggest they roll up their sleeves and get busy. Nobody is going to give them a free ride, if they're not willing to buckle down and do most of the work themselves. Their sense of entitlement does their neighborhood a grave disservice, and is frankly viewed with disgust by other City residents. (LINK)

First off, nobody in the Hill has yet suggested they are unwilling to do a great deal of work.

They would just like access to some city resources, e.g. public land. In addition, the record shows that City residents appreciate the public funding made available by way of community development corporations, which are controlled closer to home.

Most of that money derives from community development block grants (CDBG's) anyway, which is explicitly intended to benefit poor communities.

Do you know what is really viewed with disgust by City residents? The sense of entitlement held by certain developers, architects and contractors to that same pot of money for themselves.

Why are we giving them free $$$$CASH$$$$ handouts (when they can't even demolish a building correctly), and why are we letting them mess around with our money in a neighborhood that is largely uninterested in what is being pitched?


  1. mighty racist burghers, i checked that stuff out this afternoon. wtf is wrong with you people? seriously, i spent half of my life in the south and i haven't heard anything even close to some of the stuff i read on craigslist from anyone there.

    i didn't realize being a pens fan came with a kkk membership. christ.

  2. Craigslist is strange---don't let the opinions of a few skew your thought on the Pgh population.

  3. Agreed, Matt H. Besides, didn't some of those comments strike you as a little TOO inventive?

  4. Well, folks, what I've learned over the years is that some of the more ignorant and destructive (indeed, like the KKK) are usually NOT in the majority and, yet, they are more effective because too many good folks (of any ethnicity or hue) remain silent, apathetic and/or cowardly.

    This is the quintessential problem.

    If you have friends at James Madison University, tell them to check out the show on Wednesday, 7pm, Wilson Hall Auditorium.