Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BillboardGate for Total Dummies

Bill Peduto IS Balky Bartokamus.
Pat Ford IS Cousin Larry.
Zoning approvals ARE Bibbi-Babkas.

Really, just an excuse to play the videos (h/t PittGirl).


  1. The question is: When do we do the Dance of Joy?

  2. John McIntire was awesome on this show.

  3. Okay, I'll bite. What role did John McIntire have on Perfect Strangers?

  4. My gosh Bram, that is perhaps the most perfect and relevant pop-culture reference you've ever done.

    We're just all sitting around waiting for the bibbi in the babkas to go boom.

  5. It's really not that amazing when you think about it. Sitcoms of that era were all straight-up morality plays -- don't be greedy was a common trope.

    And again, look at the whole premise of Perfect Strangers. Larry Appleton was a likable, yet neurotic and fundamentally unhappy American. He was the one most often given to short-sighted ambition, he was always the one with the wacky play.

    Balky represented an almost primitive, traditional innocence. He came to America and stumbled around, but he provided Cousin Larry with wisdom and the means to fulfillment. Look at the episode; Cousin Larry tried to exploit the Bibby Babka utilizing a stark interpretation of the Model T and mass production. Balky teaches that quality sometimes must come from great care and craftmanship.

    It really is wonderful, if you think about it. F-Dzerzh? Can we get an amen and a follow-up?