Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday: Mopping Up After the Week

P-G: Speakers chastise city over billboard approval (Lord & Rujumba)

See Preservation Pittsburgh executive director Steven Paul, in the background, wearing the Official Progressive Facial Expression of the age.


P-G: City district slow to fill alternative school (Joe Smydo)

We are going on record right now: this was a big mistake, this outsourcing of troubled youth to Community Education Partners from Nashville.


P-G: Council urged to keep cap on mileage reimbursements
(Team Effort)

Our controller figures, so long as we are talking about take-home cars.

Trib: Mileage proposal too costly, councilman concedes (Jeremy Boren)

So Michael Lamb prevailed upon Ricky Burgess to make the legislation ... even tougher?


Tony Norman (No. 246): No. 8 on 'Stuff White People Like'

We reserve comment on most of this column, except to say we think Tony got himself a bit triple-crossed by an old stunt designed to produce feelings of self-doubt and shame in the target audience.

However, when he says,

The anonymity of cyberspace makes blogs unlikely forums for honest dialogue as the comment section of what "Stuff White People Like" proves.

Anonymity provides considerable challenges, to be sure! However, rest assured there are ways that responsible property owners can tend to their own cyber spaces, for example by providing a respectful contextual architecture, and by chasing out the rodents and other pests.

## Story behind the story: The Clinton Myth (h/t MacYapper)

The myth, apparently, is that she can still win the nomination at all.

MacYapper: The longer Hillary stays in this race she's destined to lose, the bigger an uphill climb Barack is going to have. You wanna hand them the freaking presidency AGAIN?


Teacher Wordsmith Madman (link): That's right, folks. The great uniter and uber-thoughtful racial harmonizer used the phrase a typical white person. And meant it. (I imagine you have not heard that he did. Go figure. But if you'd like to hear him say it for yourself, click here.)

We look forward to Mr. Hermann's omnibus fisking package regarding Obama's A More Perfect Union speech. The Comet itself found at least a couple of soft moments throughout the speech, and we are curious to see how these sync up with his own critiques.

However, the fact that Barack Hussein O'bama said "typical white person" in that context while answering a reporter's question does not bother us, and should bother no fair-minded individual.

It is no easy task to talk about race head-on in this country; that is why we never do it. So far, Barack is being given a great deal of credit for even trying -- and we have every confidence that fair-minded individuals will cut him some slack for treading into the well-worn potholes of that discussion.

If we had to answer a string of tough questions on our feelings about race in America, we would commit several dozen horrible gaffes by afternoon tea. We will never get anywhere as a nation if we continue lynching people (See? We did it again!) for attempting to speak frankly.


WIKIPEDIA: Cool (aesthetic): The sum and substance of cool is a self-conscious aplomb in overall behavior, which entails a set of specific behavioral characteristics that is firmly anchored in symbology, a set of discernible bodily movements, postures, facial expressions and voice modulations that are acquired and take on strategic social value within the peer context.[3]


1) Wikipedians would no doubt be the last persons on the planet to understand what cool is; in fact, you could say they are evidently and stereotypically grasping at straws in the above definition.

2) This has a lot to do with what the Comet implied that Hillary Clinton seems to "lack from within," what Barack Obama seems to posess in abundance, what Clinton supporters seem to resent so badly in Obama, and what it all has to do with Ronald Reagan. Stay tuned as we organize our thoughts.

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