Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday: Slings & Arrows

Lance: To Bill Peduto. The Pittsburgh councilman, saying he's "burned out," reportedly will travel the world beginning Monday studying such things as how to use pension funds to revitalize neighborhoods and to learn about tolerance and understanding in Cappadocia, Turkey. Never mind that Pittsburgh's pension funds are bust and that Mr. Peduto has shown a weak understanding of what government's supposed to do. Let's all join hands and meditate together, shall we? (Trib, Laurels and Lances)

If he's trying to learn "what government's supposed to do", you recommend his staying in Western Pennsylvania?

On the "Watch List": Pittsburgh Stadium Authority Chairwoman Debbie Lestitian says the Pittsburgh Steelers are in breach of contract on their deal -- a sweetheart deal to begin with -- to develop land between Heinz Field and PNC Park. But her boss, Stadium Authority Executive Director Mary Conturo, appears to be trying to cut another sweetheart deal. So, why have contracts and agreeements and deadlines if they are ignored? This is the kind of garbage that breeds mistrust in government. (Trib, Same Jagoffs)

See, now we're feeling that. But wait. We thought authority Board Chairs were the bosses of authority Executive Directors. Provided said chairperson enjoys the support of the board. Hey! There's still nobody from Council on that Stadium Authority, is there? That could be a problem!


Audit targets Pittsburgh 911 call glut. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)
Audit says EMS overextended. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Lamb talks about this all the time. Data analysis leads to new policy prescriptions leads to tangible improvements both in terms of efficiency and results. How many more of these can we expect out of our former Prothonatary?


Council, Mayor to set budget based on performance goals. (P-G, Team Effort)

The office of Patrick Dowd provides some embellishment:

“I think we can all agree that accountability, which is the cornerstone of an innovative, productive and forward-thinking government, rests on a foundation of clear priorities with realistic goals,” said Patrick Dowd.

“In the past, we have failed to implement best practices in budgeting, including obtaining stakeholder input, establishing policy priorities, and creating clear implementation objectives. I am pleased that today we are taking a positive first step,” added Councilman Peduto.

“Our government is one of accountability, responsibility and performance. Sharing our goals with Council and the public is a critical part of working toward a collective vision of what Pittsburgh can and must be,” said Mayor Ravenstahl.

Everyone in the same boat.

“This agreement is timely because it coincides so nicely with City Council embarking on its Town Hall Tour in preparation for the 2009 budget process,” added City Council President Shields.

“I am one to always applaud open and substantive dialogue and this agreement will give us the opportunity to fully participate in the process,” concurred Councilman Bruce Kraus.

Council is touring? Is it running for something?

Council members Tonya Payne and Jim Motznik also voiced their support. “This would be a great way to improve government efficiency, make good budgetary decisions and enhance employee performance,” added Councilwoman Payne.

Councilman Motznik echoed those words: “Inviting city departments, including Council and the Mayor, to submit strategic goals and objectives prior to submitting a budget will give us the opportunity to be transparent and efficient during the 2009 budget process.”

That rounds out everybody mentioned in the press release.


Night construction keeps Downtown up.
(Trib, Jeremy Boren)

This is a tremendous little story. Three cheers for Kristen Ash and also for Highmark. You are the Pittsburgh Comet / Chicken Tonight Corporate Citizen of the Week.

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