Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday: If I Only Had Some Shame

Councilman Bruce Kraus, who, along with council President Doug Shields, wrote the legislation, said the measure aims "to show that Pittsburgh is in fact a very progressive and forward-thinking city" and position it to "attract good-quality employers, and good-quality employees." (P-G, Team Effort)

Kraus was on KDKA this morning. Marty Griffin played his show's version of city council's theme song, If I Only Had a Brain, as an introduction.

Marty was upset that council is concerning itself with a "gay registry" when there are serious problems in our city like failing schools, guns on the streets, and council members that do not get along with the mayor. He also thought it was a dumb idea to ask gay people to register as gay, and to ask them to hand over personal information to the city like utility bills in the process.

Kraus dealt with all that as best anybody can.


Councilwoman Tonya Payne said Schenley's closing would be "flat-out wrong" but didn't know what council could do, except pass a nonbinding resolution urging the school board to study the Schenley matter further.

"There are a lot of stupid decisions made, I think," Ms. Payne said of government. "Usually, they hurt adults. But these are kids." (P-G, Joe Smydo)

Tonya! Darling! Always a pleasure reading your name in the paper. Agree or disagree, know we're always getting the Straight Talk Express.


"Obviously, it continues our agenda to advance green investment in Pittsburgh, and we felt it was really important to demonstrate that the city government is serious about being green," Mr. Ravenstahl said. A staff member and a trust fund dedicated to the concept should help link efforts going on in various departments, and bring about business buy-in and foundation funding, he said. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Wow. Parlay this together with the Department of Public Works' Green Team and the auto pool formerly known as Flexcar, and it's like, Holy Progressive-Looking Mayor, Batman!

The 2-year-old task force, which the mayor co-chaired with Councilman William Peduto and state Sen. Jim Ferlo, is expected to make its recommendations to council next week.



We'll deal with you two later. (P-G, Hart & Bucco)

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  1. Marty G wears kid gloves and repeatedly refers to corrupt officials as "good guys". In keeping with his Wizard of Oz theme, perhaps he should consider leading his show off with this song or video