Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday: It's Called Follow-Through

Pittsburgh's acting building inspection chief submitted his letter of resignation Wednesday, about a year after his predecessor was fired in a staff shake-up. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

This seems to be a troubled position.

Cipriani recently has overseen a building code enforcement crackdown on negligent landlords, particularly in Oakland where derelict student housing has created dangerous living conditions for the neighborhood's many college students.

On Sept. 17, Cipriani accompanied Ravenstahl and other city officials in a "code walk" through Bloomfield.

One of Bill Peduto's cronies complained to us some time ago that the press is never going to follow up on the results of Ravenstahl's spate of neighborhood crackdown tours -- each one meriting its own front-page articles with the giant color photographs of the mayor pointing and walking with rolled up sleeves and tough talk and Diana Nelson Jones treatments and things of this nature.

Maybe this will spark some follow-up. Like we indicated, there may be pressures impacting the work of the Bureau of Building Inspection -- though this may be yet another generic manifestation of things bouncing around and getting lost in the shuffle.


The City Paper takes a dim view of the newly announced Pittsburgh Contracting Best Practices Commission, likening it to one of those blue-ribbon do-nothing Presidential commissions, and adding that it seems like a stall tactic. (LINK)

414 Grant Street take an even dimmer view. (LINK)

The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat goes dim but funny. (LINK)

Progress Pittsburgh: Dim but short and to the point. (LINK)


Tom Barnes or maybe Timothy McNulty go all-out trying to get us jazzed up about state politics (of all bizarre topics) at Early Returns.

Why? Because state revenues aren't rolling in the way state legislators and Gov. Ed Rendell had hoped back in July, when they adopted the 2008-09 state budget. According to a hot-off-the-press report by the state Revenue Department, and reported on in today's Post-Gazette by the ever-alert Tracie Mauriello, state revenues are down for the third straight month in this fiscal year.

Okay, interest piqued. When some of the colorful characters in Harrisburg start going at it like the cast of Telemundo, please let us know.


  1. "code walk"

    I wish we could get one of those here in Elliott.

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    I have to keep list of passwords taped tp wrist. This is not blog, neither are many of your links...
    I have visted other "forums" where contributers have posted over 10,000times...

    Years ago I believe Councilman Peduto in conjunction with Heinze Foundation provided a more practcal website.

    I can provide format...kinda like IM'img.

  3. Seems you have already figured this out to some extent.

    Typing in "code" is difficult with someone with vision impairment

    Keep doing what you are doing, there may yet be another nugget...

    Warmest regards.

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  6. I have a problem with how this blog is run. I don't update it enough.

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  8. "There have been a few lately that changed and make you login now. Matt's Blog comes to mind as one of those."

    Not true. You can still post without a name.

    "But as he seems to have gone off the deep end and his posts get more and more desperate sounding"

    How so? Because I support the winning ticket in Obama/Biden?

  9. Matt - I think it speaks to your desperate sounding posts that seem to dominate your blog lately. I'm sure in your small mind it makes sense.

  10. "I think it speaks to your desperate sounding posts that seem to dominate your blog lately."

    What is so desperate by my posts? So are all blogs favoring Barack Obama desperate when they post material supporting Obama?

  11. Remain calm, everyone. We will return to blogging tomorrow morning.

    Matt, have you "announced" yet? I saw an OT comment on the Busmans' Holiday a while back, but it's hard to tell if you've pulled the trigger yet.

  12. Not sure yet. I am weighing some options at the moment. I will be taking the police & fire exam for the city soon so that is a big determining factor as to what I am going to do.

  13. Pathetic posts such as "Why won't John McCain release his medical records?" just make you seems wacky and angry. It reminds me of your pathetic ploy of pointing out the condo where mark lived. It's just plain petty. You can support Obama, but when you act like a whack job you really don't help the cause.

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