Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hump Day

The cherry on top. (NYT, Susan Saulny)

Fortunately, some of the rest of us are blogging:

If you haven't read and really thought about the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat posts here, here and here, you're not processing events optimally. (ADB)

You want to start reading at, "If you want to be of value to local readers..." (Nullpsace)

These pictures are freakin' adorable. Freakin. Adorable. (Pgh Hoagie)

Pgh Is A City agrees with Michael Lamb. It doesn't quote Michael Lamb directly, but it's saying the same thing as Mike Lamb. Mike Lamb! (PghIsACity)

Maybe it is time for some hard questions. Maybe it's time to move the FACToids onto greener pastures, like this stuff and more. (Allegheny Institute)

Our Lesbian terms it a "protest", but the flier clearly identifies it as a "rally against". We find nothing at all untoward about the prospect of showing up to this Rally. (PghLesCor)

"Making it 'cool' for our young people to be intellectual, articulate and poised" is a hopeful observation indeed. Glad to have seen it in the P-G. (Diondega 412)

Speaking out of turn and unasked for: the best thing bloggers can do to be of benefit to the region is to produce extremely excellent blogging. Not to go about PR-ing. (Burgh Diaspora)

Dear Matt Drudge: I can't stay mad atch'ya. You're out of the doghouse! (Slate, Jack Shafer; h/t AS)

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