Thursday, November 6, 2008

Zeitgeisty Links

Pah! This is by many leaps and bounds the most satisfying and generously-offered election post-mortem we've seen written thus far: (NRO, John Derbyshire).

This is one local news article we will be writing about once it's time for you to pay attention again: (P-G, Mark Belko)

Obama: Take that, Hillary! (Politico, Allen & Vendehai)

The contest for the Alaskan Senate seat evinced a polling failure of shocking anomaly. Was this due to Democratic voter stupidity, a comeback yet to be revealed, or SHENANIGANS? Or the Comet's theory: terrain of which the challenges exceeded the skills (and attentions?) of the vaunted Obaman ground game? (FiveThirtyEight)

Concerned skeptics and right-wing theorists: This video will alarm you. (WPXI, h/t 2PJs Maria)

We are already looking forward to this. And does anyone else think Seth Meyers is starting to sound like Lorne Michaels? (Politico, Anne Schroeder Mullins)

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  1. I just destroyed my lap top because I began to lick the computer screen when the bedazzling photo of Joey B. appeared in front of me. "God love ya, Joey! Give it to me, Champ! Oh. Oh." Sorry. He makes me feel funny inside my lady parts...

  2. Licking only? I was aiming for a more expressive reaction.

  3. Love the pic of Janis and Shea.