Friday, January 30, 2009

It Took Dennis Roddy to Write This:*


*UPDATE via the Twitternet:


  1. Hard hitting. As if any real new (unless the Dow hits 7500 or #86 is out) will get reported on this Super long weekend. Perfect time to print the ACDC is what, Under Investigation?

    Did something happen to Harrington or Fagan, or was that meant to be about a ring / trophy?

  2. Why would anyone bother?

  3. Doug was talking about a 'dream team' in conversation this week. Humm. Pun intended.

    Really, he'd be wise, perhaps, to not even plug the $ into the nomination process as he'll want to shorten the cycle and save the $.

  4. Kind of like the old question, "What if they threw a party and nobody came?"

  5. I'd have thought Dowd would have done it if only to do some increased networking, and to get himself acquainted in wider circles.

    I'd have thought Shields would have done it in order to maintain bridges to the wider order, and possibly to do just slightly better than expected.

    Or they're not running. I have new very circumstantial evidence to suggest that one of these guys isn't running. The deadline to file petitions is what, Feb. 17?