Wednesday, March 11, 2009

City Lawyers Still Stymied by Pat Ford's Old Department

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"I don't know what to tell you. The thing should be over by now," city Solicitor George Specter said on Monday. "So I'm going to send [commission staff] an e-mail, saying, just conclude the hearing, and treat it like any other application."
(P-G, Rich Lord)

Why did it take a year?

"I told them way back when to proceed," he said, referring to his April e-mails. "And for some reason, they never concluded it." (ibid)

Wait, what's going on?

But when West Coast sign firm Liberty Pacific Media and Washington, D.C.-based Capitol Outdoor Inc. met with former city development czar Pat Ford and, briefly, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl on Nov. 1, 2006, they were told that there would be no problem with permits, according to testimony at a Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing on the sign. (ibid)

Billboards, again? Why?

Advocates for the historic district just want process followed. (ibid)

Wrong town, wrong time.


  1. This is the problem with people like Pat Ford. No good.

    It's a good thing Dok Harris is running. He will be good leadership.

  2. role playing DOK