Monday, April 6, 2009

How to Help

Officials have set up something called the Pittsburgh Fallen Heroes Fund to accept donations from those wishing to support the loved ones of officers Eric Kelly, Paul Sciullo and Stephen Mayhle.

Mayor Ravenstahl says the public can designate how the money is spent, if they'd like.

"We encourage them to include that information, for example: 'For the children,' 'For the mothers,' 'For the widows,' et cetera, Ravenstahl added. "They can designate on the college fund for the children if they so choose." (KDKA)

A link to a fund website should be available through the Fraternal Order of Police site soon; keep checking patiently. Meanwhile, donations can be sent to the following address:

Pittsburgh Fallen Heroes Fund
Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union
1338 Chartiers Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15220


  1. Haven't checked out Comet since you posted prayer.

    As the Stationary Engineer and City County Building Occupant for nearly 20 years, I share my observations...

    When I started my employment with the City as the Engineer for the Aviary I recall the Directors Secretary telling me "you are now a part of a very big family, and as such you will experience all that is good and bad that comes with family."

    When she retired in 1990, a limo pulled up to the front doors of Aviary..and out of the moon-roof pops Baldy Reagan's noggin. Champagne bottle in hand....

    Onarato would replace Baldy...Murphy would replace Sophie... Bobby O by default takes out Murphy on third try...(Murph took dive). O dies... and now North-side gains possession.

    I watched South hills battles for same 20 years, participate, is better word.

    This is Pittsburgh's way. Might call it the bad side....?

    The good side of PGH what we experience today.

    Police make up part of workforce but we all know a cop or it our extended family. It has been a difficult few days for all of us.

    Behind the scenes, this administration is backed almost entirely by the workforce. In times of adversity family is all you got...

    My friend Marie from Aviary knew of what she spoke...

    Try to in all families there is good and bad and only an equal amount of attention to both will preserve it.


  2. A "Bud Light with Lime" to all... loosen lips.


  3. Rauterkus, tell me how you would respond to "fallen".

    Something in code-book? Wonks, same question...

    ...maybe zoning ordinance?

    Ed Heath, cat got your tounge?

    Lady Elaine? Matt H.?

    You all need to ask questions... while living in fish-bowl...

    I'll take Mayor Luke given circumstances...

    Some do, others dream of doing...


  4. So we should support the father figure of any present political family because they're there now, and because we owe them deference and support, Monk? I mean, as long as you touched on politics, which is always legitimate.

    That may be the natural inclination of some parts of the city workforce -- though I think many of them are probably more practical about that calculation than pure-sounding "familial" sentiment. But it's not such a hot deal for the ordinary city resident and taxpayer, IMHO, and in fact when left unchecked can throw a great deal out of whack.

    Before us is an opportunity with a guy with a ton of guts, all the salient qualifications, and who most continue to perceive as a fundamentally wholesome type. Monk, we'll have to agree to disagree even as we tip our glasses to these fallen heroes.

  5. I think the current support you speak of is more out of a modicum of respect, at this moment in time. Meaning, everything, the big issues, the small issues are put on hold, because in the scheme of what has happened they mean little compared to lives that will be forever changed for those involved, and every city employee can relate to the common man. It hammers home the fragility of every one of us and for this period of time, we can put aside differences to try an help heal each other.

    Time is frozen here for a moment because what has happened, in the way it happened, is so absolutely traumatic and for those us who were born and raised here, and those who have lived here for a long time, this terror is so uncharacteristic of Pittsburgh as a whole. I believe the silence is more out of respect, reflection on what is important and a loss of innocense in a very real sense.

    The same kind of respect occurred in 1995 when 3 Firefighters were killed in a fire started by a young arsonist, for insurance money. Senseless actions resulting in devastating consequences. What has happened here is even more an assault on the senses of every citizen.

    Unfortunately, most have short memories, and time supposedly heals wounds, and the news moves on to a different subject.

  6. what am I being called out for? Your comment is confusing.

  7. Matt, You have to ask? LOL. How's Anthony's crotch?

  8. Thanks for the attention and love anon. Just another anon person who would never even approach me in person and say things.