Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday's Mayoral Debate Online!

Uploaded without comment or analysis.

Unfortunately I don't have the Life Skills to provide notes at this point.

I don't mean to Hide the Ball.

YouTube Part 1 -- YouTube Part 2
YouTube Part 3 -- YouTube Part 4
YouTube Part 5 -- YouTube Part 6

Apologies to Carmen Robinson for poor camera work during her opening statement. I accidentally kicked my Jagerbomb over onto the carpet and was tending to the spill -- score one point for the Pittsburgh City Paper and its tripod technology (which also edited together a great short exchange). Thanks to the African American Chamber of Commerce of Western PA for organizing the program.


  1. Funny that you happened to knock over your drink at the exact moment when Luke made the statement, "to be honest with you many of them are African American neighborhoods that haven't seen investment from the city."

    Good post.

  2. Okay, just listened.Truth that was kind of ironic. Second, Bram, you need an assistant lol. I would like to say this, I have never met Ms. Robinson, but she has, from what I have heard, a real grasp on this city; it's history, she appears to have seen it's industrial slide, and the area's that are left behind in it's growth.

    What I ike about Ms. Robinson is that she is a real Pittsburgher. If there is such a thing, a person who through their own adversity, pulled themselves up, worked towards her education, growing up in an area where this was not the norm, nor the opportuniy, when that was not a privilege for most lower to middle class, or a seen as a necessity or a reality here in this City. To anyone who was born and raised in the neighborhoods she mentioned, without privilege, not to exclude any others, but it is heartbreaking to witness the decline.

    To me there is no arrogance, there is insight. I really like that quality about Carmen Robinson.

  3. By the way Bram, heard you picking up every cube of ice also.

  4. Wait, were you actually there? I was there the whole time and didn't see you.