Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Acklin Denounces Dirtywork

Mitt Romney-worshiping mayoral candidate Kevin Acklin (I-Manchuria) released a statement in regards to the removal of Debbie Lestitian as Stadium Authority chair:

“It’s unfortunate that there seems to be a pattern by this Mayor to remove public servants who attempt to serve the public good over doing his dirty work.”

Read the full statement HERE.

RELATED: Madison is similarly ticked.


  1. One removed hardly seems to define pattern....

    Imagine, if Acklin were elected? Would you not expect him to clean house...?

    Acklin can no longer use clean sweep as campaign promise..


  2. Luke also removed Bill Peduto from the board.

  3. The nerve of that Romney-loving Republican to denounce another questionable decision by the mayor! Doesn't Acklin know that's for Progressives to do?

  4. So every time the mayor sneezes Gastmeyer does his job? Guess Acklin's getting his money's worth, but the knee-jerk criticisms could get real old real fast.

  5. I hardly think Andy G cooked up the candidate's policy prescription. As to its knee-jerkishness the media was assured yesterday that the proposal was in the works already but its announcement got bumped up due to recent events. As to whether this constitutes a sneeze or a hacking cough, well, I guess that depends how you feel about issues of board independence and so-called sweetheart deals.