Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Shame On You All For Working"

Oh, for corn chowder already.

Councilman Ricky Burgess warned against too much tampering with the 46-page pact negotiated between the city and Verizon.

He said he suspects that council members "will add countless amendments to the franchise agreement, pandering to whatever interest is their choice" leading to a "prolonged, protracted" process that will "hold the residents of the city of Pittsburgh without choice." (P-G, Rich Lord)

You can't fault him for not being consistent -- at least not since he vacated his chair upon being threatened by city Law Department, only to have somebody else return to it.

Whenever anything gets handed down from His Imperial Majesty -- Act 47, board appointments, cable contracts -- the Rev. Burgess will be there to roundly and preemptively scold his colleagues that any attempts to amend it, improve it, discuss it, delay it, or even look at it can be nothing more than pandering and obstructionism.

What ever happened to Mr. Oversight of the Co-Equal Branch of Government and the New Council? Rumors abound.

How will such devoted fealty to Mayor Ravenstahl play in 2011? Hard to say. One thing we learned this year is that though the Mayor's popularity is a mile wide, its depth is measured in inches and has yet to spawn a coattail.


  1. The Rev. has turned into a disappointment to match Pat Dowd. At least during the campaign, Dowd found the voice of a crusader again.

  2. The Rev has become a rubber stamp for Luke.

  3. Regardless of the Mayor's youth, he still should behave in a respectful manner when representing this city. His recent actions, his snide comments to Councilman Kraus, in a recent council meeting, and his behavior on the KDKA air today with Union President King will soon be his undoing. I expect as much from Griffin, he has become a shill to save his ratings and his job, but I don't expect this from the person we call Mayor/ his honor or his appointed Directors.

    Regardless of how he or they personally feel, you do not treat people with real life experience, and maturity, with under your breath comments, and laughing at them. I don't think the Mayor and his entourage have any collective life experience, but it would be nice at least if they used their supposed "education" and would at least pretend as if they had some. If they did have life experience, then maybe they could really relate to the real people of Pittsburgh.