Monday, October 12, 2009

BestFriendsgate: It Still Rankles Him.

The framing of the article on Mayor Ravenstahl in today's P-G is bound to annoy the challengers in the present contest, but it is one way to take a look at the year ahead.

There's obviously one thing we can't let slide:

"When you look back and consider some of the things that have been said -- I mean literally accusations that this administration should be in jail, or I should be in jail, or I've broken the law, some of the personal attacks that they make -- it's very difficult for me to deal with somebody that believes that or at least says that." (P-G, James O'Toole)

Then it's time to rip apart this agreement -- the one in which Ravenstahl's own infinitely and quite illegally empowered henchman, who had just publicly accused his boss of corruption, left the City with 150% of his ordinary severance after having served just 30% of his term.

Also we can explain how the permit came to be awarded "in violation of city regulations" (thank you Mr. O'Toole), why the issue was never run past city lawyers at any of several points it still could have made a difference, and whether or not it is now the City's intention to finally enforce its regulations and have the blight torn down.

Let's talk openly about it if there's no problem. It's not like we claim to know exactly what happened and why. We're just watching people walk away with bags of money, watching judges disagree with you repeatedly, and watching good public servants get released -- so of course we assume the worst. Please set our minds at ease. Take some damn responsibility.




  1. A few hours after I posted this, I received an e-mail message: Luke Ravenstahl added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know Luke in order for you to be friends on Facebook. And for a second I was like, "Wow, I gotta say, he really lets this shit slide off his back!" But it turns out it was only this.

  2. I know it doesn't fit in with the legality theme you've got going, but there's also this:

    "The mayor insists he wants better ties in the future, but added: "Right now, I don't sense the other side of the hall, the majority of the other side of the hall -- I do have some good relationships -- being genuine about putting the past behind us."

    Putting the past behind us, like when the Mayor demanded an apology from Dowd in the aftermath of the primary?

  3. Re: 250k a week

    Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said he supports the deal and admonished Dowd, who is running for mayor in the May 19 Democratic primary.

    "To attempt to politicize this issue at the expense of ratepayers, I think, is unfortunate," Ravenstahl said,

    Dowd was ahead of the curve. If anything was unfortunate it was this.

    Which, when you consider the removal of Ron Graziano, was similar to this.

  4. Find the Ron Graziano link here

  5. I found that article extraordinary too.

  6. Wow. I cannot get over the proximity, complete with a classic anti-sunshine-act Fordian slip, of Luke's infamous cronies! He's still in our backyard, fat notebook and all, taunting us with with so little time before the election!

    Is it just me, or is there some weird-ass circle that's about to come full 'round?

    A little bird (well, it was Mike Doughty) said, "Yarone".

  7. Chris & Maria - In response to both your points, I'm genuinely stumped -- sometimes I think Luke really must lack self-consciousness to such an astounding degree that he can't see his own pro-active role in forging all these bad relationships, and that he can't see how, if someone disagrees with him or thinks he is doing something wrong, that's not "personal", that's their job to oppose and expose it. That's how our government has always worked. At other times I think Luke's sense-of-self is just fine, he's just practicing a PR strategy of mayoral infallibility, shoveling horseshit at voters through a media that's happy to largely ignore politics and then occasionally wonder upon how nobody can identify his challengers.

    TheTruth - The defense against the Water Authority issue has been to say, "This is happening all over the place, it's not just us!" It seems to me the antidote to that defense is to list each and every city and municipal government in the country that did NOT buy into these unnecessary swaps, and wonder at their visionary intelligence in realizing that sometimes, eventually, the stock market stalls or goes down, and that results in an untenable situation for these swaps. Also, you've got to wonder why there's a somewhat higher incidence of bond-swap suckerdom in PENNSYLVANIA.

  8. My point: Adults deal with people. All types of people. All in a professional way.

    One mentor we know well takes his best work (and all work, but most of all the really kwel and cutting edge stuff) and sends it to his detractors before it is out for the general public to chew upon. Bending over backwards to the OPPONENTS is one way to shower the enemy with love.

    We work in the public realm. That takes extra strain.

    Adults also know what time it is. Bygones are bygones. What is past is past. We win and we lose. We live for antoher day. We understand the score in the past, and we can cope accordingly. Life continues.

  9. He's an astonishingly spoiled brat on par with W.

  10. Life Continues.

    Paste Email To Trib Reporter Professor Joe Sabino Mistick:

    "Enjoyed Your Take on 2012 in This Sunday's Paper"



    Have completed one book on 2012 already. Current book is much more definitive...just started.

    Big fan of Carl Sagan....also fan of CERN Project and quantum physics...

    Have read The ESP Enigma by Dianne Hennacy Powell, M.D. and The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins...

    Watched movie "Australia" and realize most indigenous tribes on planet share belief in something more than laws of man.

    Currently reading 'American Creation' by Ellis...1789 policy concerning Indians East of Mississippi was first failure of American Policy and Republic. Just started....(part of research to defend taking of Mobile Home's by Local 154 while City of Pittsburgh ZBA sits on hands: 'Case # 109-09" )

    Some things never change, there will always be contradiction between principal and law.

    Fantastic piece, thoroughly enjoyable....

    ...saw a side of you I never saw while you were employed by Sophie.

    My Buddy once said 'Mystic' can't win bid for seat on Court unless he shaves beard....


  11. Luke better grow up someday. So what, people call you names or make you mad. You are the freakin' mayor, deal with it. To move the city forward he has to work with Dowd, Peduto, and all the rest. If he doesn't like them, don't go out for a beer with them. But in city hall, put your personal feelings aside, roll up your sleeves, and get things accomplished. That's what the grown ups do.

  12. Maria..

    Sen. McCain and Mayor Ravenstahl, neither are spoiled brats...nor was W...Public service is near as bad as Military service...W, did both.

    (Think women should register for selective service...without chance of College Deferment. I embrace gender equality.)

    Thrust into service.

    Both young, both dealing with captivity…( aware of public opinion)

    Read "Faith Of My Fathers'. (Sen. Mac Kain)

    Don't blame me, I voted for John and Luke.

    One has prevailed, one is in unique position to do same.

    4 years is long time.

    ….for one so young.