Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good Old-Fashioned DPW Kerfuffle

I know someone can tell us what's really going on here:

Councilman Jim Motznik yesterday publicly accused Operations Director Art Victor of trying to manipulate the selection process to boost one candidate -- apparently Deputy Director Mike Gable -- over current Acting Director Robert Kaczorowski. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said he was "a little bit disturbed" at the process. Councilman William Peduto urged against a "witch hunt" against Mr. Victor. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Sure there's more important news -- libraries closing, gubernatorial candidates announcing -- but let's get this strangeness out of the way quickly. Motznik lighting up the administration in public? Victor fiddling with his own irons? At least the Mayor is still out of the loop, or I'd feel like we fell into another dimension.


  1. Help me - where have I heard Art Victor's name before?

  2. I think he was on "Saved by the Bell".

  3. Art Victor went to High School with Luke's father.

  4. I support Rob Kaz in this hiring.

  5. There exists no one within local government that can serve as director of that department.

    Hiring from within the current pool of government employees will hurt the department.

    They're better off leaving the position unfilled and include the director's duties with the consultant's scope of services in the RFP that is currently out on the street.

    They should hire a retired SeaBee...

  6. What is a SeaBee?

    Rob Kaz is the guy who paved the school board member's driveway using city materials. And he did work on his own home or yard using city equipment and didn't see any problems with that. How the h did he get appointed acting director? Matt, why would you support someone with that kind of bad judgement? DPW is full of problems and problem employees and this guy doesn't seem like he has common sense. The combination is dangerous. Our city deserves better.

  7. Matt H, I am happy you support Rob Kaz. I did not know we elect people to these positions and look forward to studying the campaign literature...oh?...what's that? election...your support is meaningless.........Nevermind

  8. I didn't say it was an election but I wrote a letter of support for the man. He deserves the job.

  9. Matt H:



  10. I like Art Victor as well...

    Met him near 20 years ago.

    Was on ropes...once, for rendering aid to City Worker.

    Was disciplined for rendering aid to City Worker experiencing 'chest pains.' Pete Wagner signed disciplinary report...Chelsea’s Daddy...

    Report exists in my Jacket...asked that it would remain part of permanent record. Proud of my actions.

    Buddy was former Jar Head...

    Art was liaison between General Services and Personnel Depart...

    Navy guy that I am went out of way for fallen Marine...nice to see Art in position that acknowledges service...


  11. Matt H said...

    I support Rob Kaz in this hiring.

    Great choice given his history of being in the news. I expected nothing less then for you to pick the worst candidate for the job. It seems that you are only motivated in the fact that in your mind, Rob is the person that you can control most easily via your political connections minus Coghill.