Thursday, September 2, 2010

Corbett: Shale Formation May Vote with Feet

Or something. 2 Political Junkies posts a pretty funny Onorato press release (LINK). Money selection:

As part of their defense of Tom Corbett’s refusal to back a commonsense levy on the extraction of natural gas, his campaign argued that he opposed it because, the Associated Press reported, “a new tax might drive the industry out of Pennsylvania.”

That would be pretty impressive given that the natural gas deposits are located in Pennsylvania.


And wouldn’t they have problems drilling from another state – since every other major gas-producing state has an allegedly industry-chasing extraction tax in place already?

It's all very amusing. I'm also curious already how Corbett is going to balance the budget without raising this tax or any taxes. He's bragging in his commercials like this is already an accomplished work, despite some extremely ominous math -- and it seems we're content to trust him on these future heroics. Personally I don't think it's enough to say, "I'll work it out with the Legislature." As part of this coming "work", where will he begin recommending to reduce the budget by like a fifth? State troopers? Education?

Speaking of bragging in commercials, Casablanca PA is challenging Corbett on his actual performance in muddling through the "Bonusgate" prosecutions now that his campaign has opened Bonusgate to scrutiny. My issue is: didn't the Post-Gazette actually start all this? Didn't Corbett state frankly at one point (little help?) that he was reacting to what could not be ignored in the Post-Gazette? And having taken the first steps, rather than come down methodically and simultaneously against both parties and the leadership of all four legislative caucuses -- which would have really mopped up or even ended this kind of corruption -- didn't he sort of blunder through the jungle one thin stringy vine to the next, ruffling as few important feathers as possible and only as criticism for not being fair and balanced reached a fever pitch? Check the timeline.


  1. I find it interesting that no one seems to notice that the first round of indictments on Democrats were done a few months before an election and included a since found not-guilty State Senate candidate. The Republicans won that Senate seat.

    The indictments of Republicans were done just after an election that Republicans cleaned up statewide, not to mention knocking out some Democrats in municipal elections. The Republican fallout was followed up by the DeWeese and Stetler indictments only a few weeks later and all the news now focuses on DeWeese.

    It was like passing a controversial issue as a lame duck. Get it as far away as possible from the next election and hope the voters ignore the Republican indictments.

    Don’t even get me started about how he ignored the Orie issues and some of the intimidating tactics that the AG’s office used on witnesses and their families.

  2. Checkout all the other things that Corbett ignored: