Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Artist: Kellee Maize

The song: Third Eye

Kellee Maize is from Pittsburgh and you will be hearing a lot more from her I am sure. I caught her live performance at media relations impressaria Jennifer England's first On the Spot benefit fundraiser, and it was all terribly legit and hardcore, notwithstanding the slight Ke$hakira vibe in the above music video.

"Spitting rhymes like a full clip," I believe is what it's called. You can access her other tracks here.


  1. thanks for sharing i love kellee too!

  2. I've heard some of Kellee's harder music too, but I really like this song and it's relaxed sound. I think it makes her a more dynamic artist. Even Lil Wayne slowed it up on a few songs. Great song though, thanks for sharing!

  3. i just started listening to kellee, i love her stuff, this song especially!