Tuesday, December 14, 2010

9 Days Remaining in CHS Gift Drive...

Info about the nonprofit gift drive is still here; their website to learn exactly how to help is here. These are just a few composite stories, provided by Sue Kerr of CHS, to illustrate the kinds of people CHS helps and what will become of your gift card or other donation:

"Jim and Elizabeth are parents to a 3 year old girl and 4 year old boy. When a fire destroyed their rental home, they were forced to live apart in shelters because there are so few family shelters. Jim was unable to keep his job because of the housing instability. With the help of CHS family programs, they were able to find an affordable apartment and reunite their family. Jim works a full-time job and Elizabeth volunteers at the children's preschool. Now that they are back on their feet, they need your support for the holidays so they can stay on track with their financial plan. Jim and Elizabeth have asked only for gifts for their children."

"Joey is in his fifties, and independent. He lives near staff for a sense of security, but takes care of his own matters. His requests are modest -- a few books of stamps, a VHS tape cleaner kit and a model for his collection. We'd like to treat Joey to a simple meal out (Wendy's is a favorite) often outside of his modest budget as he always pays his bills. Joey is an example of how successful a Mental Health program can be."

"Ken is a single father raising two teenage boys, one of whom is confined to a wheelchair by a physical disability. Caring for his son’s medical needs consumes a lot of Ken’s energy and financial resources. With your help, he can continue to meet those needs and provide a memorable holiday for both of his sons. Ken’s wish is simply to have gifts for his teenage sons, nothing for himself."

"Bronson is in his mid-50s and has held the same PT job for 13 years. He shares an apartment. Bronson is an avid reader and writes many letters to the editor about an issue he cares about – free speech. Bronson and his roommate split the bills and housework 50/50, pooling their money to buy in bulk for savings. Bronson enjoys collecting clock radios and helps his neighbors by taking out the trash each week for those who are a few years older than he is. Bronson’s wish for the holiday is a winter hat and glove set and some blank paper for his printer."

Like I said, here.

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  1. Seems as though 'Bronson' could use Darrow, vs, Bryant...

    ...Perhaps, Alan Isaacman, for
    Larry Flynt....

    Needing help, is a crime... in land of opportunity!

    Fuc*n A...