Tuesday, December 7, 2010

POTUS on Impasses, Logjams, Rancor & Division


  1. Under the circumstances, that is a surprisingly good deal. It turns out the GOP's rank hypocrisy on fiscal matters and wealthy-tax-cut monomania can be used to good effect.

    Come to think of it, maybe that isn't so surprising.

  2. Brian TH said:

    "GOP's rank hypocrisy on fiscal matters"

    Democratic hypocrisy looms large, locally:

    Councilwomen Natalia, starvation Diet? Food Stamp Allocation....

    Allocation seems most generous...

    Been there, done that....in tent!

    From a guys point of view and from a Court's position....

    Mommy spends support on SUV...

    ...and asks for hand-out.

  3. I will match Councilman Rudiack to the tune of $1,000 contribution, to men's shelter.

    ...to single dads, and all things, masculine.

    Women have support...

    Men, lay in feminine prophecy.

    Best $1,000, I never spent!


  4. Natalia,

    Food Stamps...Who? @ whose expenses?


    Monk 4 Dads!

  5. Bram,

    It seems that you have lost readers/commenters.

    Do you believe that pushing the Burgess/LAZ/Ravenstahl/Joe King/JP Morgan agenda has something to do with it?

  6. Truthie,

    Fortunately I don't get paid by the comment -- though I thought that was a productive little 20-comment discussion which cropped up a couple posts ago.

    Thanks to your comment I just checked my tracker. Readership stats have dipped only consistent with what generally happens when I get a little lazy with the posting (3 or 4x a week) and/or when the news is boring or static.

    More than anything, being where I am on this latest mission has shown me a lot about how things line up out there. Nobody has raised objections to my face -- in fact plenty of rank & file progressives I've talked to are quietly sympathetic to just taking a good deal and fighting over its spoils -- but boy the anonymous ones turn on you the moment you break with the priesthood.

    At every turn on this issue, that priesthood has been wrong. Last year during the election we were told a parking lease wouldn't really be able to generate the necessary $200 million. Then we were told even at $451 million, it would turn out to be a sweetheart deal compared to an independent evaluation. Then we were told the numbers coming from the mayor's office were "offensive" and state takeover MMO's wouldn't really reach $100 million a year. Finally we were told another solution could be found with lower parking rates -- and then the lease company affixed its rates to those lower rates, even as Council admitted its idea would leave further rate increases both open-ended and likely.

    How much longer until we admit this is about clubbing some guy over the head?

  7. I doubt that The Comet wants or needs the sort of readers that demand his opinion to situate exactly to their liking in every case. Such folks are going to meet with disappointment here, there, and everywhere. Pretty much the same problem Obama has right now...