Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Cleveland-Pittsburgh TechBelt Initiative

I told you Cleveland sucked. Look at this Ralph Della Ratta character, wishing justifiably he were just about anyplace else on Earth. There are six parts to this, featuring Congressional representatives Tim Ryan (D-OH-17, above) and Jason Altmire (D-PA-4, Pts. 3-6). Fwiw, I think "tech" might be an off-center tail if we're really looking to wag this dog; everybody and their mother wants to be America's Next Top Technology Corridor, nothing unique there. Even still, it looks like TechBelt is converting some federal and state grants into an energy-sciences enterprises incubator in Warren, OH.

So if you ever need to bum lab time with a small-to-medium Hadron Collider, they're your guys.


  1. Strangely enough, Cleveburgh (aka Pittsland) actually has a legitimate case for being a "tech belt" already. So besides the fundraising aspect, this may also be a somewhat useful rebranding exercise.

  2. ...a small-to-medium Hadron Collider

    Those things are always labeled "small-to-medium" but they never fit right. Usually too tight in the protons and too loose in the quarks.

    Also, it isn't Cleveburgh, it is "Gaseous Pitts".

  3. BrianTH - Don't get me wrong; technology is something that is our strength and we should set along the path toward becoming an even greater strength. But it's sort of like, we might emphasize that we are the livable place to be a geek, and comfy, not to mention a strategically economical perch from which to take part in the Energy Rush among other things. Affordable and funky, but with ample capacities and opportunities. Something to distinguish us from the rest of the Next Silicon Valleys.

  4. I agree we need to distinguish ourselves from the generic herd of Silicon-Valley wannabes. Along with livability, I'd also emphasize the number of well-established institutions already attracting real research funding and training new "geeks" (that is tough to fake).