Monday, January 10, 2011

Council Members Burgess, Smith want Another Charter Amendment

This I think we can trust:

This proposed change is modeled from Allegheny County’s Home Rule Charter. It’s time to separate our duty as public servants from political promotion and aspiration in the City of Pittsburgh. It’s time to implement a “resign-to run” law in the City of Pittsburgh. (Release)

This is what you call fighting fire with oil. I wonder, will this new rule also apply to incumbents running for reelection to their present office?


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  2. Sorry, let me rephrase.

    More populist "baloney" from the Rev.

  3. This is just incumbent protection. The mayor's people are so afraid of a challenge from a council member, or more likely, the controller, that they have their man Burgess pushing this.

  4. "Besides serving as councilman, considered a full-time position in Pittsburgh, Mr. Burgess teaches a course at Community College of Allegheny County and is a pastor at Nazarene Baptist Church in Homewood. Asked whether those positions might be as much a distraction from city business as a campaign for another office, Mr. Burgess said he was proud of his record and would compare it to anyone's on council."

    So Burgess has 3 incomes and wants to talk about people resigning????

    Really dude?

  5. Smith & Burgess would never get elected to a different seat.