Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Enter One Pittsburgh.


Right now, they are taking aim at UPMC, and have been blogging since Friday (c/o a blogger named Brad. Do not get us confused.)


  1. I understand their various specific issues, but I don't understand what "One Pittsburgh" means.

  2. It's the latest left-leaning org.

  3. So when they ask "Why Do We Need One Pittsburgh?", that just means "Why do we need [the organization called One Pittsburgh]?", and not something about Pittsburgh being more One-ish?

    I'm not trying to be cute--I expected some sort of substantive unity message and looking around their website I couldn't find anything like that.

  4. They should get matching windbreakers.

  5. It is hard to overlook all the pretty t-shirtts I see all the time. You know the ones for an event or a cause that have the names of corporate sponsors printed on the back? The ONE's concerns are valid and critical but the tone is so attack-like.

  6. deegazette - You said a mouthful. The folks who identify with 1Pgh are probably feeling pretty attacked themselves. Many probably read in HuffPo and watch on the Daily Show a regular stream of encouragement, "Why don't Obama and the Democrats grow some cojones already?" Which makes sense in certain contexts. But you can't have that attitude to overshadow your brand and bleed into every little function.

    However, I think if 1Pgh has a branding problem coming out of the gate, it's an inside-baseball branding problem and it's called Anti-Lukism.

  7. News:

    The Urban Redevelopment Authority today is expected to take the first step toward development of several hundred units of housing in Homewood and Larimer as the neighborhoods work to reverse a long decline.

    URA Executive Director Rob Stephany described the work as an effort to turn "dysfunctional" housing markets into "really vibrant, dynamic ones," partly by leveraging the development buzz Downtown and in East Liberty. (P-G, Joe Smydo)

    One Pittsburgh educating us about gentrification in 3... 2... ;)

  8. No doubt Bram. One Pgh will complaint "there isn't enough investment in the black community.". When investment happens they will say "we dot want this kind of investment it is gentrification.". In essence though they are saying "give us some money and our leaders some cushy jobs with new non profits that oversee the investment we don't want and we will be cool with it.". Then, all the white people that feel affronted by the new investment can go back to shopping at Target.