Monday, May 7, 2012

Another County Property Tax Increase Likely

Time to pack it in.

"I don't see how we can avoid discussing it," Mr. Robinson, D-Hill District, said at a news conference this morning. (P-G, Len Barcousky)

Whatever you do, don't tax or regulate "job creators." Have us fight over crappy jobs only to hand over most of our wages in exchange for rapidly deteriorating services.


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  3. Like.

    I'm watching a little Council (as fast as the lag will let me) and I see the Hill District money passed 6-3. I was mildly surprised the $1/car people were supportive of it, since it would move the project forward without strings and put people in the frame of mind, "Didn't we already give money to the Hill District? Didn't council just show the old pictures and talk about displacement and hand over a bunch of money?" I'm not sure what can be done with $2 million over 5 years, but it's good that use of the money is apparently tied to the Hill District Master Plan, which we are to understand was inclusively derived.

    With my understanding now being that the funding transfer turns out to be legal, anybody want to supply the argument against it, that is, if you're not obstructing the whole process for the sake of something like $1/car or a CBA, which I don't believe anybody is anymore?

    Bill's hair looks the same color it always has. Not that that means anything I guess.

  4. Ah:

    "But Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak objected to a bill that earmarks parking tax money for a specific project.

    "It strays away from our usual capital budget process," she said.

    Ms. Rudiak said she would, however, be willing to vote for a capital budget amendment that allocates money to Hill District projects.

    That sounds like something to hang your hat on, but hmm.

  5. Yep, just when things are looking up we can count on the local officials to send all the new companies and investment packing. Hooray!

  6. Sort of related: Somebody parked a Chevy Volt in the Greenfield Giant Eagle and hooked it to the charger. I did not expect to see that used.

  7. The trick is to have companies and investment and solid primary education and solid enough transit all in same place.

    I'd like the think we can cultivate a business community that buys into the welfare state to that extent. By the same token I'd also like to see organized labor occasionally willing to take haircuts in exchange for those Commitments to public investment, in solidarity with workers who do not have access to collective bargaining.