Thursday, June 7, 2012


The Sworn Brotherhood committed to electing Democrats and fighting for Our Shared Values is meeting to settle business and presumably plan a comeback.

The slate is set for 2012, so there isn’t much wrangling to be seen vis-a-vis public offices – unless some of the talked-about 2014 Guv prospects show up: Rob McCord, Joe Sestak and Josh Shapiro. (PoliticsPA, Keegan Gibson)

Are we ready for another Sestak Attack-ack-ack? Something tells me in these parts, folks are going to be talking up Rob McCord. But this Shapiro? Is he Jewish? It wouldn't hurt.

Chairman Jim Burn is pleased to announce our keynote speaker, Massachusetts’s Governor Deval Patrick and special guest Senator Bob Casey to kick off our 2012 general campaign...

Come hang out with Kathleen Kane for Attorney General, Eugene DePasquale for Auditor General, and Rob McCord for Governor – er, Treasurer....

The Young Dems consistently throw the best state committee parties, definitely be here. (ibid)

Does anybody know if PAYD has fallen into the same progressive clutches as YDAC? Or are we in SW PA on the right side of the long view of history?

RELATED AFTERTHOUGHT: Oh, and how is the anointing of the McCandless offering, Sharon Brown, going?


  1. I love the young Dems. Matt Hogue should go and give a talk about how to cut out govt waste. What a great guy.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Props for the hilarious Greyjoy pic. PAYD is pretty centrist - they endorsed Tim Holden against Matt Cartwright in PA-17, for example.

  3. That's a Greyjoy pic? I rolled the dice on a Google image search for, "Kingsmoot."

    Nice early confirmation on Brown. It's hard to know for sure in that video whether or not she has the chops, but then again redistricting transparency isn't exactly the stuff of St. Crispin's Day speeches.

  4. Update from sources: YDAC apparently straw-polled heavily for Altmire over Critz. So previous rumors as to the hippee-ization of the local Democratic party youth affiliate may have been exaggerated.

  5. Somebody should explain to me how Murtha's staffer became the hippie candidate.

  6. MH- Altmire went on FOX too many times to talk about how the Obamacare government takeover doesn't do enough to keep costs down. That and his hair.

    Maybe governor, though? Has that ever been mentioned? "The GOP redistricted me out. Cambria County was too strong. But they've awoken a sleeping electable moderate giant."