Friday, October 26, 2012

Editorialists Not Ready for Good News Just Yet

People Magazine


Timing is everything, and when it comes to releasing the city of Pittsburgh from oversight by its Act 47 state coordinators, it's not time. (P-G Edit Board)



Mr. [Jack] Wagner said he's still seriously considering a run for mayor. (P-G, Joe Smydo)

I actually had a chance to follow up on this, and can report that "seriously considering" is merely a courtly understatement. This is going to be an unprecedented hootenanny. Non-affiliated and cross-affiliated operatives as well as revolutionaries would be wise to find excuses to stay on sidelines for as long as possible; aspiring operatives will have to choose with excruciating care and confidence.

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  1. Mysterious Greenfield GuyOctober 26, 2012 at 1:30 PM

    Cue the Eileen Wagner charm offensive.

  2. My bet is that with any more than one challenger, Ravenstal wins easily.

  3. That would be my bet as well.

    Then again Ravenstahl will be waging a campaign, and with a lone challenger his team would know where and how to aim all its fire. But with more candidates comes more volatility, more lines of criticism, and a more complicated map, while the % of the electorate actually necessary to clinch victory diminishes. So if one candidate manages to be distinguishable from the herd -- let's say, as more mature and experienced than all the rest -- other pathways to a 35% plurality open up.

    And if I'm an African-American in a 5- or 6- person race I'm actually pretty confident. But Burgess and Lavelle seem pretty comfortable, Udin and Wheatley are in line with Lavelle, Payne is keeping busy at PWSA (too bad, that), MacDonald Roberts resides outside the City, Hop Kendrick is getting on in years ... maybe Carl Redwood could throw caution to the wind?

  4. Wow, Carl Redwood as mayor - integrity, management skills, discretion AND valor - all demonstrated over time and under pressure.

    I've been weighing working for Peduto's campaign. If Redwood ran, I'd put my shoulder to that wagon, no matter how steep and long the grade of hill.

  5. Did my initial close reading skills fail me, or did the phrase, "as well as revolutionaries" get added to that post later on?

  6. Only within the first fifteen minutes or so. Posts are pretty unstable when they first come out of the oven.

  7. Good News At Last!October 27, 2012 at 4:54 PM

    It is clear only one candidate has the integrity, track record, vision, and support to lead the fight against an administration that would sell our city out to Mike Turzai, Jane Orie, and their buddies on Wall Street and K Street. If he decides to run after our President is reelected I will be backing Jack Wagner at the Democratic Committee's endorsement and on election day in 2013.

  8. @Good News.. You just *might* want to take your meds.. just sayin'.

  9. puhleeeze Bram surely u jest.. tPayne for mayor??
    2 say she's intellectually challenged is being kind... and her work ethic makes ghost workers look productive

  10. Tonya Payne would make for a great mayor (there would be arguments, but whatever) and significant portions of Pittsburgh would unite behind her -- women, African-Americans, gays, people thankful that she scuttled the tuition tax, people thankful she was on a wavelength with Ravenstahl on Penguins issues. She speaks convincingly, whenever she is fully on-board with what she's saying. And she can be courtly, and spontaneous, and can crack a joke.

  11. she's useless that's why she's a no show job with
    alcosan doing work she unqualified to do