Sunday, January 6, 2013

Buncher Co. Entitlted to "Special" Zoning without Public Officials Complaining

Sprocket Ink

Like a guy who had to wait at the DMV:

“I did not enjoy one minute of what we've been through the last six months, for a company that has built a reputation over the last 60 years in Western Pennsylvania and six counties. We have a lot of good projects to point to.” (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

News is they're willing to go it alone without public tax increment financing -- a tangential victory? -- although slipping beneath mention here is any leverage the City might still enjoy in requiring approvals to demolish the part of the Produce Terminal housing the public market.

Previous mayors, including Tom Murphy, whom Dowd invited last month to City Council to speak against the plan, were unwilling to help. (ibid)

Why were the previous mayors unwilling to help Buncher with this vision? Did they also have a bitter political problem with Luke Ravenstahl when he was back in grade school? When did this degree of developer entitlement kick in?

BONUS: Does the accompanying chart do anything for anybody?



  1. Wait a minute. Heinz is directly across the river. they clearly have an interest in this development. Has any researched the Heinz family donations to politicians? If you tie that to the Penn Brewery and Washington Landing you have a triangle of money and power. This is getting crazy.

  2. Every time the sun sets in the west it strikes the device atop the 16th St. Bridge, casting a shadow on a portion of that triangle. Some kind of Staff of Ra...?

    The only way I can read that chart and make sense of it, somebody is saying, "Hey -- hey! Jim Ferlo is important to all this! Hey!"

  3. Who is the State Representative for the Strip District?

  4. Anon 3:33- I believe that would be Adam Ravenstahl.


    Has this mayor attended? If not why not? All candidates should commit themselves!

  6. "If not, why not?" That's like asking why Al Capone didn't attend neighborhood block watch meetings. Private enterprise employs the only planners we need, and the only design principle worth pursuing is jobs. "Civic design" is just something liberal beta males like to complain about.

  7. Funny, alpha males Bloomberg and Emmanuel seem pretty into city planning.

  8. Any news on the lawsuits regarding the Buncher development plan brought by Allegheny Valley Railroad in January of this year?