Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday 1/14 Bullet Points

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Complying with state anti-windfall law, Mayor Ravenstahl begins the necessary process of lowering the city millage rate to offset ten years worth of delayed increases in property reassessments. (P-G, Trib) P-G scribe Tim McNulty seems to be hinting around that that still doesn't seem like enough of an offset.

A dangerous car chase barreled through Carson Street last night as bars were closing, ending in shots fired from five officers including some off-duty. (P-G, Trib)  The Mayor warns it would be "inappropriate" for him to comment while investigations are underway and comments that well-trained officers acted to keep people safe. (P-G, Trib)

Recently improved County air-quality guidelines have been weakened in a swift and little-discussed process by a strenuously leaned-on board of health. (P-G Editorial) It is very important for the sake of my dignity, street cred and testosterone levels that I highlight things like this and so I now affix the Eye of Blogdor on County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and say, "Bad politician! Nontransparent! Regressive!" In all seriousness, this will continue as warranted (but only as warranted).

We are only a little over two weeks away from ALCOSAN and company's day in court over its Wet Weather Plan for required sewer infrastructure upgrades, but no news on whether the plan has been rewritten a greener shade of gray.

Gov. Tom Corbett agrees the state can't just cut its way out of its budget deficit and does in fact require increased revenue -- but that revenue won't come from you, it will come from losers. (PA Politics)


  1. No pun intended with that title, I presume...

  2. Afterthought.

    This new legislative effort by your boss seems worthy, though not addressing the conundrums of window conversations and how to seek out those who personally dial 911.

  3. It appears from media accounts at least that the driver recklessly sped through town, refused to stop, and swerved into parked vehicles, but had not steered intentionally to hit any civilians or officers and that luckily no one got hit. And that once the car wrecked, came to a stop and was surrounded by officers, the driver and passenger both were shot by officers through the window. Do I have those facts correct?

  4. Updated story. One officer says he wound up between another vehicle and the oncoming suspect driver when he opened fire.

  5. I had friends who were there for the south side madness. They weren't ushered into bars(it was over several blocks, though), and wound up diving on the pavement. They thought it was gang shooting not police.
    The Mayor just announced a crackdown on the south side drunkenness. That seems weird, right?

  6. It appears to be only distantly related, in that it would place more officers where there are tons of people milling about.

  7. Always staying in Squirrel Hill is looking more and more like a brilliant plan.