Monday, February 11, 2013

Washington Blvd. Flood Follies

Seattle Must Have

It's a fluid world out there. While the Comet works out technical and scheduling difficulties, consider this:

The irony of this road-raising plan, though, is that while it would effectively lift the road out of the basin, it would make the flooding worse in the valley beside it. By essentially sliding the roadway over to the east, high against the hillside, the sloping western shoulder would make this unnatural bathtub smaller. So water would go higher. Not good. (P-G, Brian O'Neill)

Strange how it sounds like MS Consultants, whose selection Dowd criticized recently, came back with what the Councilman / Board Member considered the wrong kind of work -- yet is going back to the drawing board to research his concerns anyway. Either they and the Mayor's office are showing a surfeit of expensive good will, or else Dowd's critique of the long-awaited plan was enormously valid.

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