Friday, March 15, 2013

The Artist: Kelly Clarkson

Uploaded to YouTube: September 2006

SPOILER ALERT: She nails the all-important high note at 2:40.
DISCUSSION QUESTION: What would you ask at the non-televised Mayoral Debate on Sunday in the East End?


  1. Two questions: 1) To the candidates who entered the race after Luke left - Why should voters give your candidacy serious consideration when two very viable candidates had the courage and conviction to step up early and challenge the incumbent?

    2) If you win the primary, will you engage with Josh Wander, thus providing a platform for his kooky prepper and pro-Israel rantings and all-around attention-seeking behavior, and will you insist that local law enforcement refuse to waste resources responding to future complaints of vandalism at Wander campaign headquarter locations?

  2. I don't understand the animus against Wander. Kooky minor and minor-party candidates and their antics are a brilliant part of democracy. As long as they're not sucking up too much oxygen in the mass media (and there's no danger of that) why be mad?

  3. They are certainly much preferable compared to vandals.

  4. Via Twitter, I learned this was a "youth debate" and received question suggestions on public transit, youth sociability opportunities, and a skate park. I think considering what directions to take the Pittsburgh Promise in would similarly be a good question.

  5. The event is going to be on TV, but not live. PCTV21 will also put it on demand via the web.

  6. Great event at Obama yesterday. Unfortunately,the PG sent media writer Maria Sciullo to cover the hard news political event. With four new candidates participating, and just 65 days before the election, here's a breakdown of her
    707-word story:

    221 words devoted to the students who organized the event

    214 words for Lamb and Peduto talking about the event and Luke dropping out, and a sentence about Wheatley arriving late

    52 word paragraph listing the participants

    133 words allowing "kooky minor" candidate Josh Wander to suck up some oxygen

    Leaving 87 words (12 percent of the story) for somewhat substantive reporting on the issues

    Meanwhile, the Trib and Jason Cato did a fact-filled, straight news take on the event, thus providing a public service to its readers.

  7. What do you attendees out there think of Wagner's performance? Most certainly seemed characteristic that Wagner plugged his vet-ness in answer to a question which did not remotely aim to elicit that self-characterization.

  8. MGGuy - All the stranger because I saw James O'Toole there. With two months to go, I think the P-G should put its "Mod Squad" on the political beat.

  9. Oxygen is a pressing concern for those who often find their heads wedged where the sun doesn't shine.

    Those that live in the real world, not so much.

  10. Helen - Wagner might have been the most polished speaker, but after reviewing the notes he seemed light on substance. He wasn't yet quite able to tie the knot on how his more varied experience in government relates to attacking Pittsburgh's current problems.

  11. Your slip is showing Mark.