Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hold steady, Pittsburgh: Citizens endorsing!

BREAKING: Justin Strong of East Liberty's now-historically consequential Shadow Lounge and AVA endorses emphatically in the Race for Pittsburgh's mayor:

If there is somebody who can say what it takes to invest in a neighborhood haunted by persistent economic trouble and help make it viable and valuable, it's that guy.

AND NOW... The band: The Hold Steady. The genre: "Indy rock" via punk, folk, and hip-hop...

Playing you into your Wednesday. Five weeks 'till field day.


  1. and what this is a revelation? 6 years ago he had a Peduto event with special guest Mike Veon! ok so some hip club owner supports Bill. old news and expected . that like the guys in the mansion on Mt Wash, if they came out for Bill, no double entendre meant, would that be a surprise. oh yeah get rid of those weak yard signs.

  2. "those guys in the mansion" are big ravenstahl supporters and are probably supporting Wagner.

  3. If that's the case then the challenger, BP, is really in a fix!

  4. So I guess now that Jake has won the AA conference vote JStrong's endorsement is down the drain. I saw the pgh comet comment on the PPG website. You're logic is false. Just because bill won 79/213 votes doesn't mean the community will reflect that. Nor Jack. And simply because a microcosm of the AA community participated in this vote, there is no reason to believe that these 213 people are representative of the larger AA community. And if these very same 213 people had any influence in the AA community you would think the first order of business would be telling their sons, nephews, grandsons, and cousins to stop slaughtering each other.
    But you know and I know they don't have that clout, yet alone the clout to tell them who to vote for.