Sunday, July 7, 2013

InvestigatePGH: A Lot of Dots are Now Connectable

Starts with a Bang!, Ethan Siegel
by Bram Reichbaum

Read this now; the whole thing, now.

But just for now:

"Honestly, I have a lot of respect for [Robert Gigliotti]," said Mr. Bodziak [a competing valet owner]. The hard-knuckled, who-you-know aspect of his success "kind of comes with the territory. ... In my opinion, it's how the business works." (P-G, Lord, Navratil & Balingit)

I wonder how Mr. Extravagante Valet himself would describe what is being described in this Mayor-businessman relationship story. Hard knuckles indeed, or a comforting embrace? Who you know, or how you know them?

It will take a careful and much longer post to properly unpack everything.

Wait for it.

But for now, as far as we know this started with bid-rigging, and I think we would all like it to end with bid-rigging. Right? And so end the bid-rigging, pernicious bid-rigging, apparitions of bid-rigging. That is something on which we literally almost all can agree.

RELATED: Robert's uncle appears to have been late State Rep. Frank Gigliotti (P-G, Tim McNulty) unless there were two Anthony Gigliottis in neighboring Banksville and Greentree, each with their own ties to City government.


  1. I'm surprised that the PG didn't make any mention of Frank Gigliotti. Is there any relationship between him and Robert?

    1. I have heard both "no" and "only very distantly related" as answers to that question.

    2. Tangentially, sources seem unclear on whether former State Rep. Frank Gigliotti is still alive.

      Anon 1:27 - Given what the article tells us about Rob Gigliotti's own family's penchant to enter public service, I'm speculating that the answer to your question is probably "only very distantly related" i.e. "related".

    3. Frank Gigliotti's Obit stated that one of his survivors was a brother Anthony that lived in Grentree.
      That would make Robert his nephew.

    4. Ah. Then in the unlikely event that we have two Anthonies, we have a nephew.

      Thanks, your majesty. I'm not sure what I was thinking with the other stuff.

  2. With all of this stuff happening, why is Trosky still a chief?